Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing Services
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Accept Credit Cards

eCommerce, MoTo, Mobile & Retail Accounts!

We specialize in Internet, MoTo, and Hard to Place merchant accounts. We also have solutions for Mobile & Retail Merchants!

Fraud Protection

Protect Your Profits!

Every year, electronic payment fraud costs merchants millions of dollars. What are you doing to protect your profit margins?

Accept Checks

Increase Sales!

By increasing the methods to accept payments, including checks (eChecks, ACH or Demand Draft), everybody can benefit!

Credit Card & Electronic
Check Processing Products

Increase Sales!

We can help you select the the right processing solution for your business. We have researched the latest technologies and offer the best products available.

Why You Need Durango Merchant Services

Accepting credit cards with a merchant account can increase your sales potential by 75 million customers in the U.S. alone. Credit card processing analysts estimate 9 out of 10 people use a credit card for their online orders, and Durango Merchant Services can help you with all of your credit card processing and merchant account needs. Even if you've been declined for a merchant account somewhere else, Durango Merchant Services, a reputable expert in high-risk merchant account services, can help you get a merchant account to accept credit cards.

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About Durango Merchant Services

We are a world-leading consulting group for hard-to-acquire and low-risk merchants. We specialize in high-risk credit card processing as well as helping merchants who are searching for a level of service beyond that available from traditional merchant accounts. We have been in business since 1999, and have assisted 10,000+ merchants navigate the sometimes complicated matrix of accepting credit card & eCheck payments. When you work with Durango, you are assigned a dedicated account manager for the life of the account; this is the backbone of our exceptional reputation, as each of our sales managers averages 10 years of payment processing experience.

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